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The Appointment   
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The Appointment

 "The Appointment" (12:15 min)
- Mercedes C-Class (rear-wheel-drive)
- starring Victoria
- Location: snowy streets
- in business outfit whith black trousers, black jacket, white satin blouse, stockings & high-heels
- Victoria is on the way to an appointment 
- In the end Victoria puts some fir branches under the tires in order to free her Mercedes ...

"Victoria is a real-estate agent. She is waiting for a confirmation from a client to visit his villa. When she is reading a magazine, her mailbox tells her: “You’ve got mail.” And indeed her client sent her a written confirmation with the complete address details. Quickly she is noting the address and heading down to the garage for her car. Then she is copying the address into her Navigation System. But here she is making a small mistake: She is choosing the wrong street name (which she did not notice at the moment). It is already evening and dark outside and she is driving to the countryside in confidence to her navigation system. Then she suddenly get on several streets which are really icy. The wheels of her Mercedes start spinning. The roads get more and more tricky. And then by accident she is drifting off the road into a snow drift. Is this the end of her trip ...?"


12:15 min - stuck
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