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The engine blow-up   
Price:   US$28.00
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The engine blow-up

"The engine blow-up" (28:00 min) High Definition Video
- Model: Michelle
- in black shiny leggings, black-red corset and high-heels
- driving a BMW 325 (RWD, stick shift)

- nice revving part (4 min)
- Michelle has the sheer driving pleasure! First she pushs the pedal to the metal on curvy country roads (with some great outside scenes)
- then she turns on the German Autobahn and wants to know how fast the BMW can go ...!
- during the complete video there are 4 different camera angles as picture-in-picture! 1) pedals 2) speedometer 3) inboard 4) outside
- Michelle is driving up to 225 km/h (155 mph) !!!!
- a lot of nice driving scenes
- a lot of pedal pumping

In the end of the video the pleasure stops when the engine blows up and needed to be replaced (shown in the end of the video)!!!
Thanks for your support! Buying this video helps to fix the BMW again!

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
28:00 min - driving, revving, pedal pumping
Downloadvideos large: 904 MB / medium: 281 MB / small: 86,4 MB

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