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The Bartender Job   
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The Bartender Job

"The Bartender Job" (27:00 min)
- Dodge Challenger RT (rear-wheel-drive, 375hp, 5.7L V8, stick shift !!!)
- starring Lauren and Michelle
- Location: muddy path
- Lauren wears a light blue Miss Sixty Jeans, black boots and leather jacket; Michelle black leggings, black top, pantyhose and high-heels
- The 2 girls were hired as bartenders for a bachelor party at a mansion. They should arrive early before all other guests.
- Michelle and Lauren start early, because they don't know the way. They put in the given address in the GPS system.
- But soon it lead them away from the main road to some minor country roads and the paths gets rough and muddy ...
- Michelle is afraid to get stuck with the Challenger and ruin the car; Lauren seems to be pretty confident and easy about it ...
- Then the beautiful Challenger really got stuck in the mud and Michelle is totally annoyed. She neither wants to ruin the car nor her outfit ...
... so she sends out Lauren, to push the car out!

What happens next, can be seen in this video ...! Again this time with 3 different camera angles and picture-in-picture!!!

- lot of nice pedal pumping scenes (picture-in-picture)
- lot of car movement and rocking
- lot of spinning wheels
- they use floor mats to free the car again ...

Note: This is really an official road which was very muddy due to all the rain the days before. One of the best locations we ever found :-)


Filmed in HD (High Definition)
27:00 min - stuck, pedal pumping, 2 girls
Downloadvideos high: 870 MB / medium: 271 MB / small: 83,3 MB

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