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DVD 024 - Lakeside Trouble, Hillclimbing, Carstuckgirls-Casting, Night-Stuck   
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DVD 024 - Lakeside Trouble, Hillclimbing, Carstuckgirls-Casting, Night-Stuck
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"Lakeside Trouble" (28 min.)
- starring Jamie & Ayelet
- 2 Hummer H2 !!! (four-wheel-drive)
- location: muddy lakeside
- the girls wear beach outfits (bikini tops, flip-flops and barefeet)
- they wanted to make a Jet Ski tour on the lake ...
- ... but didn't use the regular boat ramp.

Note: At the end of this video you can see as bonus-track
how we got the Hummers out there (~1:30 min).

"Hillclimbing" (10 min.)
- starring Lenka, Katerina & Magdalena
- VW Beetle/Bug (rear-wheel-drive)
- location: snowy street
- the girls wear short skirts and leather boots
- they are pushing the car up the hill ...

"Carstuckgirls-Casting" (15 min.)
- starring Kristin, Anne, Theresa & Jana
- Nissan Patrol & Lada Niva (four-wheel-drive)
- location: offroad area / mud pit
- Kristin wear tight jeans and leather riding boots (Cavallo)
- Anne & Kristin got totally muddy while pushing the Nissan out of the mud ...!

Note: This video was made in cooperation with a german TV-Station for
a carstuckgirls model-casting. Therefore we tested their driving skills and
how they act in a carstuck-situation.

"Night-Stuck" (22 min.)
- starring Jenny & Nicole
- VW Beetle/Bug (rear-wheel-drive)
- location: muddy grassland
- a lot of car movement

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         10,7 MB --MPEG1

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