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Blu-Ray 038 - "The Lake Stuck 2" + "Challenge in Snow" + "Playing in Mud 2" + "Test Drive Trouble"   
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Item-No.:   csg-038-bluray
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Blu-Ray 038 - "The Lake Stuck 2" + "Challenge in Snow" + "Playing in Mud 2" + "Test Drive Trouble"

Carstuckgirls Blu-Ray 038
"The Lake Stuck 2" + "Challenge in Snow" +
"Playing in Mud 2" + "Test Drive Trouble"

"The Lake Stuck 2" (16:15 min)
- Mustang convertible (rear-wheel-drive, automatic)
- starring Nicole, Emily, Rachel and Victoria
- Location: sandy lake shore
- The four girls Nicole, Emily, Rachel and Victoria are spending their day off at a secluded small lake for sun bathing and relaxing.
   In the afternoon the sky gets darker and they decide to better drive back to the city and go shopping ... :-)
- The Mustang convertible is pretty new to all of them and without hesitating they are headig their way back from the sandy shore.
  But the embankment of the lake is really sandy and the car gets stuck ...
- 3 of the girls push the car, while Nicole tries to drive it up the embankment. But without success.
- Since Emily is the better driver, she takes her turn and let the others push the car back to the lake.
- Now the girls tries it forward and backward and forward again to drive up out of the beach area, but to no avail.
- They take turns in pushing and driving the car and start getting very annoyed and frustrated. 
- Finally all 4 tries to dig the car out of the sand and to put branches under the tires ... They try everything to get out there again!!!

- a lot of car movement
- picture-in-picture
- some pedal pumping


"Challenge in Snow" (20:30 min)
- Dodge Challenger RT (rear-wheel-drive, 375hp, 5.7L V8, stick shift !!!)
- starring Michelle
- Location: snowy street /path

Michelle is on her way to Bryce Canyon. It's already a bit late in the afternoon, so she takes this short cut. A very picturesque small, but paved back country road. There are still a few patches of snow left on the road. The street is going uphill and suddenly the pavement stops and the snow patches are getting more and thicker ... Michelle keeps driving, but when she drives through another thick long patch of snow, the wheeels start spinning. The car stops moving. Michelle is astonished and opens the door. She puts in rear gear, but again: no movement. The wheels are just spinning! Then she is able to drive always a bit forward and backward, again and again. She tries to get the car out the like this. But it seems Michelle is stuck there!

- lot of nice pedal pumping scenes (picture-in-picture)
- lot of car movement and rocking
- lot of spinning wheels
- Michelle is walking through the slippery snow ...


"Playing in Mud 2" (12:00 min)
- 2 four-wheelers (4WD)
- starring Nicole, Emily, Rachel and Victoria
- Location: muddy area
- The four girls Nicole, Emily, Rachel and Victoria are playing around in mud this time.
- They are driving 2 four-wheelers and are having fun with them in the mud.
- But Nicole and Victoria get their ATV stuck. Emily and Rachel are going to help.
- They are pushing forward and backward, but the mud is really deep and gluey.
- And to their distress they also find out that the 4WD is broken ... :-(
- Emily and Rachel drive their ATV in front of them and tow them out finally ...
- And of course they all continue driving then and having fun ...!
- Until ... Emily and Rachel now get their four-wheeler stuck in mud!
- And again all the others are trying to help and push the ATV out there!
- But its super muddy everywhere and the girls get soon really muddy themselves! :-)
- The other four-wheeler is no help this time since its kind of broken, so the girls really pushs hard to get the ATV out on their own.
- When everything else fails, they are chasing each other through the mud and start some playful mud wrestling.
- Well now, the girls are completely muddy and still have lots of fun playing in mud ...!


"Test Drive Trouble" (16:40 min)
- Jeep Wrangler (4WD)
- starring Skylar
- Location: sand dunes
- Skylar wears a black PVC skirt, cuban stockings (with black seam), silver-black high-heels and a white satin blouse
- She makes a test drive in some nearby sand dunes ...
- Somehow the wheels start spinning; sand is flying and the car gets stuck!!!
- But Skylar doesn't give up easily: she tries EVERYTHING to get the car out of the sand again!!!

- nice pedal pumping scenes
- different point of views (filmed from inside and outside)


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