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Feels kinda good to be stuck   
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Feels kinda good to be stuck

"Feels kinda good to be stuck" (25:00 min)
- Dodge Challenger R/T (5.7L V8, 372HP, RWD)
- starring Imani
- snow stuck

Imani is back for more! With this “sexy beast” of a V8 in her hands, she is going WILD! Driving in the snow again. Wheels are spinning like crazy. And this girl knows how to push the pedal to the metal!!!

She gets stuck in the snow. Switching from front to reverse gear. And Imani doesn’t only rock her outfit. No, she is totally rocking the car! She is the “rock star” of getting stuck :-) First she is shocked to be stuck again. But then she starts to enjoy it ...

“I can’t be stuck! I know I can get out of here!”
“That is actually a little exciting. I don’t know, but I kinda like this.”
“It feels kinda good. It’s fun! I love this car.”
“This car is so sexy!”
“I really am stuck!”

Imani isn’t stuck once! She gets the Dodge out, but then gets stuck somewhere else! She gets the car stuck in snow 4 times! :-)

And she also tries to push the V8 out (while the wheels are still spinning), but the snow is so slippery! Her heels are sliding and slipping on the icy ground.

Imani is crazy cute & sexy! You. HAVE. To. SEE. THIS!!!

- Different scenes of the inboard camera
- lots of nice pedal pumping scenes
- Lots of spinning wheels and car movement
- Imani is trying to push the car out

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
25:00 min - stuck
Downloadvideos high: 749 MB / medium: 235 MB / small: 77.8 MB

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