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From Solar Power to Horsepower   
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From Solar Power to Horsepower

"From Solar Power to Horsepower" (24.20min)
- Chevrolet Camaro (RWD)
- starring Kati
- mud stuck, a lot of pedal pumping (high heels are barefoot), picture in picture

It’s a hot summer day and Kati needs to finally start on a college project about solar power. So, she drives out in her Camaro Convertible to take pictures of the local solar power plant. Once she is there and pictures are done, she is a bit disappointed. It really doesn’t look like much. Only solar panels. But the plant is building something new further down the lakebed and Kati hopes to take better pictures there. So, she keeps driving … until she doesn’t. All of a sudden, the Camaro slows down and stops moving. What’s going on? Kati immediately tries to back up, but that doesn't help. The car won’t move again. She opens the door and has a look outside. The tires are covered in mud and there is water and mud on the lakebed all around the car. Oh no!!! And she doesn’t even have her phone with her. But she will be alright, she calms herself. “Everything will be alright.”

Kati puts the Camaro in forward and backward, but every time the wheels are just spinning. Upon further looking around, it almost seems that Kati drove into a lake. There is water everywhere. Where does that come from?

Slowly she gets more desperate. While driving forward and backward, she keeps rocking with the car to give it extra momentum to help it move. But unfortunately nothing happens. Wheels are spinning more and more and the mud is flying everywhere! “Oh no, I can’t believe I am stuck!” she realizes.

And it gets worse: for whatever reason the water level is rising! Now, there is water everywhere where it definitely wasn’t before. What is going on? The before dry lakebed turns into a completely mud trap!

Getting more and more desperate Kati gets out of the car and tries to push it out. But she is just slipping in the really soft wet mud. And then also her high-heels get stuck in the mud and she keeps pushing even without them – barefoot. But without any success.

Kati gets back in the car with her now muddy feet and keeps trying to drive it out …

- Different scenes of the inboard cameras
- a lot of picture-in-picture of different camera angles
- a lot of pedal pumping – in heels and later barefoot (muddy)
- Kati tries to push the car out

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
24:20 min - mud stuck, pedal pumping
Downloadvideos high: 730 MB / medium: 228 MB / small: 75.6 MB

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