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Challenge in Snow   
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Challenge in Snow

"Challenge in Snow" (20:30 min)
- Dodge Challenger RT (rear-wheel-drive, 375hp, 5.7L V8, stick shift !!!)
- starring Michelle
- Location: snowy street /path

Michelle is on her way to Bryce Canyon. It's already a bit late in the afternoon, so she takes this short cut. A very picturesque small, but paved back country road. There are still a few patches of snow left on the road. The street is going uphill and suddenly the pavement stops and the snow patches are getting more and thicker ... Michelle keeps driving, but when she drives through another thick long patch of snow, the wheeels start spinning. The car stops moving. Michelle is astonished and opens the door. She puts in rear gear, but again: no movement. The wheels are just spinning! Then she is able to drive always a bit forward and backward, again and again. She tries to get the car out the like this. But it seems Michelle is stuck there!

- lot of nice pedal pumping scenes (picture-in-picture)
- lot of car movement and rocking
- lot of spinning wheels
- Michelle is walking through the slippery snow ...


Filmed in HD (High Definition)
20:30 min - stuck, pedal pumping
Downloadvideos high: 660 MB / medium: 205 MB / small: 63,2 MB

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