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The missed party, a car stuck & some Mudwrestling   
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The missed party, a car stuck & some Mudwrestling

"The missed party, a car stuck & some mudwrestling" (17:40 min)
- Ford Mustang convertible (RWD)
- starring Kassi, Franki & Matti
- Location: muddy path
- different camera views (filmed from inside and outside the car)
- mud wrestling !!!

All girls are dressed up for the upcoming party. They are in best mood while driving to the location. They chat, laugh & dance in the car. Franki doesn't pay attention to the road for a second and drives a little bit off into some muddy grass besides the road. Well, shouldn't be a big deal, right? Or maybe it is ...? The Mustang seems to be stuck there. Kassi and Matti try to push it out and get completely covered in mud. Franki laughs at them and soon they starting bitching and fighting! In the end it's a really muddy catfight! ... while the car is still stuck ...


Filmed in HD (High Definition)
17:40 min - stuck, 3 girls, mud wrestling
Downloadvideos high: 567 MB / medium: 176 MB / small: 54,3 MB

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