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The Real Estate Tycoon   
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The Real Estate Tycoon

"The Real Estate Tycoon" (19:00 min)
- BMW 740i (rear-wheel-drive, 320PS)
- starring Michelle

“There is nothing better than getting out of the office EARLY on a Friday. And I have a good excuse as well: I am checking out the new property I bought in the mountains. Such a great deal. And I am going to build some nice cabins there. It will be just awesome!”

Michelle is a rich and successful real estate tycoon and so relieved to finally get out of the office. It was a crazy week. Now the business woman can enjoy the drive to the mountains with her nice BMW 740. It was a beautiful sunny day in the city, but when she is driving closer to the mountains, the clouds get thicker. A storm is coming up.

And what a surprise when she arrives at the newly bought property, there is fresh snow! It must have snowed the last night. But that is even better to help her imagine how the new cabins here will look like. What a top notch vacation spot! They will be log homes with cozy fireplaces and the beautiful scenery around. How romantic!

But enough of the planning. Michelle has seen enough. It’s actually getting a bit cold here. So, let’s drive back to the city. But when she backs up to drive from the clearing, the wheels of the BMW start spinning. The snow is really slippery. Well, now, let’s just drive a bit forward then, to gather more speed. Unfortunately the clearing is a bit downhill, so the further Michelle drives forward, the harder it gets to drive back again. And there are trees all around …

After a while of hopeless spinning, Michelle tries to turn the car on the clearing. It would be so much easier to drive out of here forward …

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
19:00 min - stuck, some pedal pumping
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