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Scavenger Hunt Surprise   
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Scavenger Hunt Surprise

"Scavenger Hunt Surprise" (28:15 min)
- Mazda MX-5 Miata (rear-wheel-drive)
- starring Imani
- snow stuck

Imani is really disappointed. Her boyfriend promised her a fun weekend and now he is gone. A last minute business trip he couldn’t cancel. And Imani is all alone at home.

But then she finds a cute little letter from her friend: “Hey Beautiful, I am really sorry, that I needed to go again on a business trip. I know you were looking forward to our little road trip we planned. And I know, you are now stuck at home and how easily you get bored. Therefore I thought of something special for you today: you are going on a scavenger hunt! I promise, it will be fun! Go down to the parking spot – you will find a surprise. Use the phone I left you in the car and drive to the first coordinates I set for you. When you arrive – make some nice selfies and send them to me! Then drive to the next location for your big surprise! Enjoy and have a fun day!”

Wow, this is awesome. Now Imani is excited. That really sounds fun. So, she dresses up real nice for her big surprise and to make some sexy selfies. And she is even more excited when she sees her first surprise at the parking lot! …

... But watch where the first coordinates navigates Imani and what surprise really awaits her …! Is she ready for this? I doubt :-) Are you ready? Then you better watch this video!

Imani is just awesome - lovely, passionate and so sexy! Her smile and charisma will light up your day!

- Different scenes of the inboard camera
- With some nice pedal-pumping scenes from the door camera (see preview)
- Lots of spinning tires and car movement
- Imani is trying to push the car several times

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
28:15 min - stuck, some pedal pumping
Downloadvideos high: 907 MB / medium: 283 MB / small: 87,1

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