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The Bartending Job 2   
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The Bartending Job 2

"The Bartending Job 2" (22:40 min)
- BMW Z4 (rear-wheel-drive)
- starring Michelle
- snow stuck

Remember, the one time when I was booked for one of my first bartending gigs with Lauren? Yes. A lot of changed since then. Fortunately the bartending business picked up in the meanwhile and I got some really nice gigs. Today sounds like a good job, too: I am booked to bartend for a bunch of rich guys while they are on their snowboarding vacation in the mountains. It is not far away, but still a ride (I enjoy a lot). Before I finally arrive, I am looking for a restroom to freshen up a bit. I find one on a parking lot on the way. Great. Driving down the parking lot, I notice that here they havenít plowed the snow from the streets, but obviously already quite some people have driven here. So, I stop and get out. Wow. It is really freezing outside! Very cold and windy. And the snow is actually really slippery! (Not great for walking in my high-heeled boots!!!)

When I start driving again, the rear wheels are spinning on the snow and the car is shifting from side to side. Whatís going on? My car is barley moving. It is so slippery here, that the tires are just spinning. And obviously I drove DOWN onto the parking lot and now the only way out is UP. Oh No!!! I restlessly keep trying: forward, backward, try to ďrockĒ the car out. Sometimes itís moving, but always in the wrong direction. I also try pushing from the back and also to put some wood under the tires. To no avail! I AM STUCK!!! Really bad!!!

And there is a surprise bonus clip at the end of the video! I canít tell you more about it here, but I am sure, you will enjoy it! :-)

- lots of high heeled pedal pumping in boots
- Lots of spinning tires
- 4 min Bonusclip

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
22:40 min - stuck, pedal pumping
Downloadvideos high: 720 MB / medium: 225 MB / small: 69,3 MB

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