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Daddy is out of town   
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Daddy is out of town

"Daddy is out of town" (27:00 min)
- Nissan Frontier (four-wheel-drive)
- starring Miranda
- snow stuck

Miranda is super stoked to see the first snow of the season! Yeah :-) And good thing that her father is out of town, so that she can take his truck. Because Daddy’s truck can get her anywhere, right!? And Miranda is so overwhelmed by the nice snowy scenery of the mountains. It is so beautiful everywhere. And so she drives through this “Winterwonderland” … until the tires start spinning, the trucks slows down and finally spins around. Whow. What is this? The truck is in an angle on the path now and Miranda tries to turn. Obviously this is how far she can gets, better turn around. But this is easier said than done …

See now how the dilemma unfolds … backwards, forwards, backwards … lots of spinning tires, flying snow … the truck is stuck. Miranda is totally frustrated. And her Dad is probably going “to kill her” … ;-)

Miranda gets out of her truck, looking at the stuck situation. The snow is not only beautiful, but also cold and slippery and it is super hard to even walk in it with these leather high-heeled overknee boots. Dang, it doesn’t look good. The truck is stuck, there is no cell phone service and no one far and wide to see.

At one point she shouts for help. But no one is there. Miranda keeps trying and trying and gets more and more desperate. She accelerates until the tires are smoking, rubber is burning. She rocks the car back and forth … until there is finally movement! After a long while of trying, crying and desperation Miranda is able to drive the truck out … a bit … until she is stuck again. Oh no. But then, in the end, she thinks of something her Dad once told her: there is a switch for 4-wheel-drive … And … she finally finds it! Now this is an improvement! The truck slowly moves again, but the snow is really really deep here … can she make it?

Plus: 2 little bonus clips in the end from “behind-the-scenes” :-)

- some high heeled pedal pumping in boots
- Lots of spinning tires
- 1 ½ min bonus clips

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
27:00 min - stuck
Downloadvideos high: 864 MB / medium: 268 MB / small: 82,9 MB

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