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Social Media Stuck   
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Social Media Stuck

"Social Media Stuck" (28:15 min)
- Ford Mustang GT Convertible (5.0L V8, 460HP !!! RWD)
- starring Simone
- mud stuck

Itís time to update Simoneís social media sites with some cool pics! And you need to get creative these days for all your followers.

After a long cold and gloomy winter it is finally a gorgeous day outside and Simone got this beautiful car at her hands. She must take pictures with it. So, letís drive to the close-by dry lakebed where no one else is near and take some selfies! Ok, selfies done, back in the car, edit the pics and upload Ö Wait, no internet? What? And no cell phone service either? Crap. Ok then, letís get back to the street :)

Well, the way back to the street doesnít go exactly as planned. For whatever reason the lake bed isnít so dry and Simone choses a path where the even ground is quite muddy. Not caring too much about it (it doesnít look like much either) Simone keeps driving and the strong Mustang is getting slower and slower and slower until it stops. Whatís going on?

Simone tries to back up, the tires are spinning, but the car only moves a bit Ö For a loss of words Simone opens the door and looks out. Really? Is she stuck here?

While Simone tries to drive the Mustang out, we can watch her from different angles (also from the front camera) and get some nice close-ups of her pretty feet in heels (Ö and later on barefoot). When she steps out of the car for the first time to see how deep the trouble really is, she finds out how sticky and gluey this mud is. Her beautiful new wedges get completely stuck in the mud as well and she has no chance of getting the heels out.

So, she keeps trying to drive the Mustang out barefoot Ö back and forth, back and forth Ö still no success.

Next thing Simone has the idea to put floor mats under the tires. So, she gets out and places them and tries again! Nope. The mustang is still not going anywhere ... Even though in the end Simone is spinning the wheels really hard Ė nothing happens. At least she is able to recover her heels from the mud and then walks away to get help Ö and it seems she is at least getting lucky here! :)

- Different scenes of the inboard camera
- some nice pedal pumping scenes with heels AND barefoot

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
28:15 min - stuck
Downloadvideos high: 845 MB / medium: 264 MB / small: 87.8 MB

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