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Carolyns Really Bad Day   
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Carolyns Really Bad Day

"Carolyn's Really Bad Day" (23:00 min)
- Dodge Charger R/T (5.7L V8, 370HP, RWD)
- starring Carolyn
- mud stuck

Carolyn is a huge fan of big trucks racing through the desert. The past weekend she saw one of the big races here on the west coast and was having lots of fun: watching all the action, hanging with friends, cheering and drinking …Once back home she wonders where her favorite liquor flask is. It was a special gift of her boyfriend. Oh no! She probably lost it somewhere in the desert while watching the race and partying. Her boyfriend will be pretty mad about her.

Today she is seeing her boyfriend later! But before, Carolyn definitely needs to go back out there to look for the flask. If she can’t find it, she has to confess and she would hate this. All dressed up pretty already she drives with her car back to the now again isolated desert area where she watched the race 2 days ago. The flask got to be there somewhere. It is bright pink, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find, right?

The lakebed is pretty flat, so Carolyn has no problem to drive with her Dodge Charger on it … but wait. It must have rained here somehow. It is definitely way muddier than during the race. And before she even realizes this, the car slows down, the wheels spinning and slipping in the mud. Oh no!

Carolyn in shocked. What’s going on? She tries it forward and backward, but the car is not moving. She opens the door and leans out to see whats happening and the first splashes of mud are hitting the door and her arms. Carolyn can’t get a grasp on the whole situation. After pushing the gas pedal and trying to drive forward and backward several times, she has to get out to see it. Her beautiful new purple shoes that matches the amazing dress she picked for today. Eeehhh, there is so much mud! And the tires are already kind of deep in it! She can’t possibly be stuck here, right? Carolyn is brave and makes a few steps to walk around the car, but her high-heels get also stuck in the mud. Every step is getting harder. She even tries to push the car out for a bit. Hopelessly. While slowing making her way back to her seat, her first heel gives up and breaks. Can this day get any worse???

Carolyn now starts thinking on her feet. Throwing the shoes away and now bare feet she starts spinning the wheels again, jumps out and tries pushing the car now. That should work, right? Nope. And again forward, backward, rocking the car, trying to push it from all different angles. Nothing. The car is completly stuck in the mud. Next Carolyn even puts her already ruined shoes under the tires. Maybe that helps to find some traction at least?

So far, nothing worked, still trying to move the tires either forward or backward. Nothing. And there is no one out here! A cry for help that no one answers. No cell phone reception. Nothing. The Dodge is now buried in mud up to the frame already and the tires are deep in. But Carolyn has another idea: try to shovel out some mud from under the tires with her bare feet. And make room to put the floor mats under the tires. Maybe that helps? Well, the rear wheels are now endlessly spinning and spraying mud everywhere. Carolyn also gets out again to simultaneously push … Will it help? Can this day can get any worse?

- Different scenes of the inboard camera
- a few nice pedal pumping scenes with heels AND barefoot

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
23:00 min - stuck
Downloadvideos high: 686 MB / medium: 214 MB / small: 71.3 MB

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