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On the way to the Christmas Party 2   
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On the way to the Christmas Party 2

"On the way to the Christmas Party 2" (25:00 min)
- 1971 VW Beetle /Bug (Rear-Wheel-Drive, stick shift)
- starring Michelle and Imani
- snow stuck

Imani and Michelle are invited to a Christmas party. Their friends have rented a cabin in the mountains for this. There will be a fireplace, mistletoes, lots of tasty food and drinks and a cozy evening in the mountains. Imani and Michelle are really looking forward to this and are chatting a lot on their way up there. But at some point they have troubles finding the way. Is it to the right or left? And the fresh snow on the narrow mountain paths makes it so hard to see. They are a bit lost, the wheels are spinning and all of a sudden the snow gets really deep on the path. It looks like the rear wheels are pretty stuck in the snow. Michelle is confident though: she drives forward and back and forward again and there is still some movement. If only she wouldn’t stall the engine so often … So, after stalling it once again, Imani and Michelle decide to have a look outside. What’s going on? Hhhmm, looks like they are really stuck here with their Beetle. Imani offers to push it out and Michelle drives. First Imani is not happy about the rear wheels spraying all the snow on her, but she keeps trying because she really wants to go to the Christmas party.

The beetle has a hard time driving through the snow uphill, but Imani’s pushing really helps and they make slow progress through, wheels spinning and spraying snow everywhere. And Imani is sliding on her heels all the time. Poor girl. But also the Beetle keeps sliding back down the hill and there is a lot of movement. And Imani needs to keep pushing it up the hills. There is no way the Beetle will make it without help. There is so much sliding on the snow … Will the friends still make it in time for the Christmas party?

P.S. There is also an amazing part where Imani learns to drive stick shift. She is tired of pushing the car and suggests she can drive and Michelle should push.

P.P.S. And at the end of the video there is some funny outtake footage for you!

- Different scenes of the inboard camera
- nice picture-in-picture scenes
- lots of nice pedal pumping
- Lots of spinning wheels and car movement
- a lot of fishtailing
- Imani and Michelle are trying to push the car out

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
25:00 min - stuck, pedal pumping
Downloadvideos high: 742 MB / medium: 232 MB / small: 77.5 MB

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