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Mountain Cabin Road   
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Mountain Cabin Road

"Mountain Cabin Road" (20:00 min)
- Ford Mustang GT (5.0L V8, 460HP !!! RWD)
- starring Kati
- snow stuck

Kati is on her way to check out a cabin for sale in the nearby mountains. She just found this little gem online for an affordable price and it looks really cute on the pictures. But she wants to see for herself … On the way she got a call from her friend and while chatting a bit, she loses reception …

When she turns into the Mountain Cabin Road there is a sign, saying “Road impassible during winter conditions”, but the road itself is not closed and hey, it is already March, right? Not exactly middle of winter …

Continuing on the road, there is a lot more snow than Kati expected. But the sun is shining and it feels almost warm, there are only patches of snow left in the shadows of the mountain, but still enough cleared street ahead where the sun already melted the snow. Unfortunately even on the small patches of snow, the Mustang GT is struggling – definitely the wrong tires for this!

Driving the road uphill the snow gets more and more and at some point the Mustang doesn’t want to drive uphill anymore. The car gets slower, the wheels spinning and there goes nothing … The only way is back now. Kati puts in reverse and the Mustang slowly slides back. Not giving up yet, Kati tries forward again, but no luck. The Mustang is stuck in the snow now.

Kati can’t believe it! Really? What is she supposed to do now? She keeps trying forward and backward, but obviously there is ice underneath the snow and the wheels are just spinning … Kati gets out of the car and walks in her high heeled overknee boots in the snow around the car to have a look at the tires. Oh no, that doesn’t look good. The tires are spinning and seem to have no traction at all. She even tries to push the car and though, we can see a small movement, she is alone and of course not strong enough to make any difference. Kati gets desperate when she realizes she is probably all alone out here and has no cell phone reception. And her Mustang is stuck in the snow!

So, she keeps trying to drive out the Mustang somehow, switching from reverse to forward and back again … over and over again… and yay! Finally the car drives a bit! But unfortunately it drifts backward into the ditch at the side of the road. Oh no! Not good! Not good at all!

At some point she steps out of the car again; then she tries again, shifting forward, backward, pushing the gas pedal, tires spinning and smoking until it smells! But to no success … Kati tries all kind of different ways to push the car out as well, but at some point the Mustang drifts even more into the ditch!

- Different scenes of the inboard cameras
- a bit pedal pumping

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
20:00 min - stuck
Downloadvideos high: 595 MB / medium: 186 MB / small: 62.1 MB

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