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Hangover Stuck   
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Hangover Stuck

"Hangover Stuck" (26.00min)
- Audi A3 FWD
- starring Madina
- mud stuck, pedal pumping

10am. Somewhere outside of Las Vegas. Madina slowly wakes up “OMG. I have such a headache! Where am I? Why am I sleeping in the car?” she wonders. Then it dawns on her … she was out yesterday to a big party and got too tired on her way home to keep driving. So, she stopped the car besides the road – somewhere in the middle of the dark. Now, it’s already morning and she needs to get back home! But first, she wants to call her friends to let them know, she is ok. But dang, there is absolutely no cell phone reception around.

Madina starts the car. She needs to get home. Still sleepy, she starts driving, but only watches her phone to switch on navigation for the fastest way home. She doesn’t see it coming. She just drives straight into a huge puddle of mud on the dry lakebed. The car slows down and Madina looks up, totally surprised: “Oh no! What’s going on here?” The tires are spinning, but the car is not moving anymore. Madina opens her door and sees the mess she is in. The only way out is back now. She puts in reverse, but the tires are just spinning. She opens the door, to better see what’s going on and the tires keep spinning and spraying mud everywhere, also on her beautiful white dress. “Oh no, what a mess!”

Meanwhile we can watch a lot of picture-in-picture from different angles and get some nice close-ups of her pretty feet in these beautiful golden stiletto pumps (… and later on barefoot).

After a while Madina is really desperate and almost crying. It’s so dirty everywhere and she just wants to go home! But she is completely stuck in the mud. She keeps trying and trying, but everything just gets more and more muddy. At some point she just wants to rescue her beautiful heels and she takes them off, before they get even more dirty. Then she keeps pushing the accelerator, more and more desperately with her bare feet.

Eventually she gets out. She steps with her bare feet in the mud. “Oh no, this is so disgusting!” she cries. “What happened to my car?” The moves around to the front and tries to push the car out, at least a little bit. But of course to no use. She just slips with her feet in the soft mud. And then poor Madina also falls to her knees and trying to push while kneeing. Nothing helps. She cries for help. But there is no one around and she is so stuck …

- Different scenes of the inboard cameras
- a lot of picture-in-picture of different camera angles
- a lot of pedal pumping – in heels and later barefoot (clean and muddy)
- Lots of spinning wheels and flying mud
- Madina trying to push the car out

Note: At some point we had to make the decision to play it safe and "clean" or just keep going and deal with the consequences later. You know us, so for sure we went all in on that point. Oh boy we caused such a mess on this day and hope all the hours of car cleaning was worth it to create such a muddy video for you. Enjoy!!! :)

Filmed in HD (High Definition)
29:00 min - stuck, pedal pumping
Downloadvideos high: 864 MB / medium: 270 MB / small: 84 MB

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